Escape: A Testimony

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Escape: A Testimony
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by Klara Kiss

In this remarkable memoire, Dr. Klara Kiss gives witness of the last months of the Nazi occupation of Budapest.

Moving from hiding place to hiding place, surrounded by death and cruelty but also by great courage, the adolescent Klara witnessed the furious determination of the oppressors to exterminate the last Jews from Hungary even though the war was already lost.

Seventy years later, she was finally ready to tell her story.

"Mom, please, lets not go to the ghetto. That would mean the end of our lives! I have heard so many tales of horror from the Sabbath guests Daddy used to bring home from the synagogue. Let's try to find a way to hide."
Of course, this was a child talking, who had no idea how to go about finding a hiding place. I felt, however, that my resourceful mother would find a solution. My mother listened to my desperate plea and smiled encouragingly...

Published in French as "Fuir: Témoignage"

ŠNotes de Nuit, Paris, 2014

(Limited English hard cover edition, published by Sunbird Press, 2016, with the kind permission of Notes de Nuit)




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