The Cheetah Who Wouldn't Run

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The Cheetah Who Wouldn't Run
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Recommended for ages 7-12

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$1 from the sale of each book goes to support conservation of Cheetahs in Africa. Click here to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund website

The Story


On the plains of East Africa, a cheetah named Aesha raises her cubs,  working hard to feed them and protect them from harm.   At night she sings songs to teach them about the world around them and what it means to be a cheetah.  

Every year, with each new family, she names the biggest cub Kubwa (Big), the smallest one Ndogo (Small) and the fastest one Epesi (Swift).  But every now and then a cub comes along who wants to know everything about everything.  Aesha names that cub  Mjuvi (Cheeky) and does her best to keep it out of trouble.  This year, it seems, that is going to be especially hard!

About the Illustrator

Daniel J. Brown is a professional illustrator based in the UK.  His passion for natural history and wildlife is reflected in his unique style which blends realism and whimsy to create expressive illustrations that are full of life, character and humor.  Daniel's ambition is to use his work in children's books not only to delight and amuse his readers but also as a way to promote awareness of wildlife conservation issues. 


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Here are some samples of Aesha's songs
 Elephants are wise and strong,
Owls hunt the whole night long,
Monkey games are lots of fun,
But cheetahs only want to run.
Lots of animals can be found
In holes and tunnels underground.
You must remember just one thing—
Every one will bite or sting.
They hide away from light and heat
And only come outside to eat.
Some by day and some by night,
But every one will sting or bite.
My brave little cheetahs, every one,
You’ll run to live and live to run.
Like lightning in the midday sun
And sing to your cubs when day is done.
Safe at home when day is done.