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Merlin's Big Surprise
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Recommended for ages 3-7 (read to me) and 6-8 (self-reading)


Available in English, French and Hungarian


When ordering, please specify English, French or Hungarian version

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$ 1 from the sale of each book goes to the House Rabbit Society, to help rescue homeless pet rabbits. Click here for the HRS website

The Story

Merlin was not the kind of rabbit who liked surprises or adventures or to explore new places. He was happiest when every day was just like the one before. But Angie, the little girl who took care of him, thought he must be lonely. So one day she brought home a lively little kitten named PingPong to keep him company.


Merlin just wanted her to leave him alone, but before he knew it they were outdoors together in the big world having exactly the kind of hair-raising adventures that always made Merlin shiver just to think about. He did his best to keep her safe and bring her home, but PingPong seemed to find trouble everywhere she went.


Then suddenly he was the one who was in trouble and it was PingPong's turn to show him what a good friend a naughty kitten could be.


About the Illustrator

Katja Turnsek is an artist, illustrator and designer, born and based in Gothenburg, Sweden.    She has been painting and creating animal sculptures ever since she can remember, and painted her first pet portrait on commission at the age of 13.  After years of working in web and graphic design,  she decided to follow her life passion and start painting animals and their people as a full time artist.  Her unique feeling for capturing pets with accuracy, character and bringing the soul to the eye, quickly established her as a premiere portrait artist.

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